Wednesday, November 11, 2009

... toi et moi ...

location: X2 Club
Mars is hang out with his friend, Andre.  Andre told to Mars, that he asked his friend to join him. not really friend, but client. but… we can be friend, told Andre. when his friend is came, Andre go out to pick her. and Mars is waiting in club. alone. in the middle of the crowd. and it’s really.. really.. really… bored :(

Mars send a text to his friend:” Hey man what take you so long to picked her downstairs..  i’m hell bored up here …”
Andre:  ” be patient man, she just wait for her friend first”.

after 15 minutes, Andre is showed up with his friend, Venus. and they met each other.

Mars thinking: is this the girl that make me waiting alone in these crowd hmm.. . ye yea, so so..  like an ordinary chicks…    with a colorful outfit…..and wore a high heels that she can barely walk with it hehehe.

Venus thinking: hmm… cute guy… but… i think he’s gay hehehehe.

so… andre, mars and venus start to drink. first drink is Tequilla  for Venus, Chivas for Mars and Andre. After that…. more Tequilla single and double, Corona, and Chivas. They get drunk and dance together till the club turn on the light.

so, Mars drive her home. And they hold their hand. After that, they text each other.

Mars thinking: hmmm after long drive way back home, hmm not so bad, venus kinda cute after all..  and is she available :D

Venus thinking: well, Mars is a nice person. but he’s more older than me. haah… older guy never interested with a girl like me.  well, let’s see… i still have things to take care of something first.. hope we can meet again ;)

Are these gonna work out? *wink wink



  1. is this a continuous story Owly??
    Write up the second part!

    Mars and Venus, or.. Mars VS Venus? :)
    Thanks for bw to my blog, I love yours!

  2. is this a continuous story?
    hmmm... let's seee hihihihihi :)

    it depend Mars and Venus, dear...

  3. waaa, sekarang malah artikelnya yg pake english.. hehe.. *tuing tuing pucing*
    but, it's nice story, owly?

    who are 'they', anyway? mars & venus?
    is this your life story, owly?

  4. hayooooo mars venus an sekarang yaa hihi

  5. hay owly, kujungan
    perdana nih...hi,hi,hi...dapat
    teman monkey
    dapat teman burung
    bisa akur yak!! :)

  6. hay owly, kujungan
    teman monkey
    dapat teman burung

  7. waduh... pake english... mana kepala lagi puyeng,,,
    kamus! mana kamus gue!

    yaaah ketinggalan di rumah!

  8. terima kasih atas kunjungannya bung becce.
    akuuurrr laaaaah!! hihihihihi

  9. haii ennnoo...
    kamu masih bedrest tapi tetep OL yaa
    hebat euuy...
    bawa kamus elektronik ajah biar gampang. tinggal pencet2 hihihihi :)

    cepet sembuh ya, noo :)