Tuesday, August 10, 2010

... happy fasting ...

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I remember, when i wass a kiddo, i always like the fasting month
because after that, we will celebrate Lebaran, which is... we will have lots of money from our aunty, uncle, grandma, grandpa, older sista and brotha hihihi.

But now... well, I just feel "Oh udah mau puasa lagi ya..". Just like that
doing the same daily routine everyday for a month, plus fasting all day long :)
hmmm... for food and drink, it's easy. but the hardest part is about to handle our self from emotion and doing lots of bad things. u know, simply as we talking about other's bad things :)

I already through the good and the bad things in fasting month all my life. And i want to do better for this year. we should be happy can do the fasting again, I guess.

So, happy fasting everyone :)
don't forget to handle our self hihihihi

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